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  1. grammyHere’s That Rainy Day – Grammy Award Winner // featuring Natalie Cole:
  2. grammyLa Vida Nos Espera – 2014 Grammy Award Nominee //featuring GianMarco:
  3. grammySkylark – 2014 Grammy Award Nominee //featuring Amy Dickson:
  4. Once Upon A Summertime:
  5. Space Oddity:
  6. Smile:
  7. Imagination:
  8. When You Wish Upon a Star // featuring Till Brønner:  
  9. Siciliano – featuring Eddie Daniels:
  10. Besamé Mucho – featuring Natalie Cole 
  11. Love Is What Stays:
  12. Solitude:
  13. Out Of My Dreams:
  14. Little Prelude:
  15. Con Alma – featuring Arturo Sandoval:
  16. Once to Every Heart:
  17. Rabo de Nube – featuring GianMarco:
  18. grammyIn The Wee Small Hours – 1994 Grammy Award Nominee:
  19. Silent Night:




For the first time…..
Nan Schwartz’s original symphonic music

Available 16 March, 2018

As a woman composer who has carved an enviable reputation inside the crucible of the Hollywood Film Music business, Nan Schwartz nonetheless remains an enigma to orchestras and concert music audiences around the world. This apparent anomaly can, in part, be ascribed to the imbalance in respect to opportunities for women composers generally, but given that Nan is a Grammy winner, 5-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Emmy nominee, it remains perplexing that the classical music world has taken so long to recognize her indisputable genius.

This album beautifully directed by the eminent Australian conductor, Kevin Purcell, brings to light through these premiere recordings the extraordinary music of this iconic, contemporary, American composer.