Music by Nan Schwartz


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  1. grammyHere’s That Rainy Day – Grammy Award Winner // featuring Natalie Cole:
  2. grammyLa Vida Nos Espera – 2014 Grammy Award Nominee //featuring GianMarco:
  3. grammySkylark – 2014 Grammy Award Nominee //featuring Amy Dickson:
  4. I Still Have That Other Guy In My Head //featuring Trijntje Oosterhuis:
  5. Once Upon A Summertime:
  6. Space Oddity:
  7. Smile:
  8. Imagination:
  9. When You Wish Upon a Star // featuring Till Brønner:  
  10. Siciliano – featuring Eddie Daniels:
  11. Besamé Mucho – featuring Natalie Cole
  12. Love Is What Stays:
  13. Solitude:
  14. Out Of My Dreams:
  15. Little Prelude:
  16. Con Alma – featuring Arturo Sandoval:
  17. Once to Every Heart:
  18. Rabo de Nube – featuring GianMarco:
  19. grammyIn The Wee Small Hours – 1994 Grammy Award Nominee:
  20. Silent Night:
  21. O Holy Night, featuring vocal group Accent:


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To Say Goodbye (Music & Lyrics by Nan Schwartz):


El Dueño De Tu Amor:


Positive for the Blues (Music & Lyrics by Nan Schwartz):


Fuiste Siempre Tu:


Love With a Touch:


All The Days (Music & Lyrics by Nan Schwartz):


Part of Three:


Nan’s Remix:


Aun Tengo Ganas de Tî:


You Sing:


Almas Gemelas:


Aun Tengo Ganas de Tî (Piano/Vocal):