A Tale of Two Grammy Nominations

I’ve been around the saxophone my whole life. As a child growing up in a musical family, I always knew my Dad was home when I heard him trying to find a new reed. Then next week I would hear it put to use on the latest Sinatra record! Imagine my delight when I got […]


I recently attended the Newport Beach Film Festival, and since I only had one day to see as many films as possible, I decided to pick one from each category: art/design, feature, short, family, and documentary.  My first screening was “A Not So Still Life”( http://www.ginnyruffnerthemovie.com/) , the story of Seattle-based artist/iconoclast Ginny Ruffner.  Having no expectations, […]


Yesterday I was listening to the car radio with my teenage daughter when we began a discussion about the music she liked, and why.  Since she has been taught to make polite conversation, she then asked me who my own musical influences had been.  Here were the names that came to my mind: Frank Sinatra: […]


In my last blog, I spoke of some of my childhood musical influences, and this week I would like to focus on Johnny Mandel, the film composer, and what he has meant to my musical sensibilities. Many years ago my dad came home from work one day to announce, “I’ve just had the greatest musical […]

My Week With Marilyn

A mere month and a half ago, Conrad received an unexpected and exciting phone call from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to compose the music for his new film, “My Week With Marilyn.” Almost immediately the work began, as Conrad worked day and night, cue by cue. During this time I worked in an adjacent studio, […]

“God bless your heart! Your chart is a masterpiece!”

These are the words written to me by the incomparable, world-renowned trumpet player Arturo Sandoval (http://www.arturosandoval.com) following my recording session for his upcoming CD “Dizzyland”, a tribute to Arturo’s friend and colleague Dizzy Gillespie. It all started this past Monday with a call from Gregg Field, who had been the drummer on my Grammy winning NatalieCole sessions.  […]


Jodie Foster is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. I have been intrigued and impressed with her for years now—first as a child actress who developed into an Academy Award-winning adult actress, then as one of a few successful female film directors, and always as a person of integrity.  In a recent LA Times […]

“God bless your heart! Your chart is a masterpiece!”

– Arturo Sandoval

For the first time…..
Nan Schwartz’s original symphonic music

Available 16 March, 2018

As a woman composer who has carved an enviable reputation inside the crucible of the Hollywood Film Music business, Nan Schwartz nonetheless remains an enigma to orchestras and concert music audiences around the world. This apparent anomaly can, in part, be ascribed to the imbalance in respect to opportunities for women composers generally, but given that Nan is a Grammy winner, 5-time Grammy nominee and seven-time Emmy nominee, it remains perplexing that the classical music world has taken so long to recognize her indisputable genius.

This album beautifully directed by the eminent Australian conductor, Kevin Purcell, brings to light through these premiere recordings the extraordinary music of this iconic, contemporary, American composer.